Due to a significant increase in transactions on the Bitcoin network, you may experience higher than normal wait times, confirmation times and transaction fees for your orders.

Fraud Warning: Callers Impersonating ATM Company Agents

Instacoin advises the public of a notable increase in fraudulent phone calls directed to Canadian citizens who have been defrauded in the past, by scammers posing as Instacoin ATM agents in an attempt to extract further payments from them. Do not send Bitcoin in response to such requests. These criminals may use caller ID spoofing or phone numbers similar to official Instacoin ATM contact numbers.

If you receive a call stating that a Bitcoin transaction that you performed at an Instacoin ATM can be reversed, hang up and call the phone number on our contact page.

Instacoin operates a bitcoin payment service. Like other network providers, Instacoin is not responsible for your actions on the network.

Instacoin cannot help you if you deal with someone or for a purpose that you haven't taken the steps to verify.

Remember: bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

How can you tell if you are the target of this type of scam?

  1. The caller claims that they are calling on behalf of Instacoin or another Bitcoin ATM company and are reaching out to you because you were the victim of a fraud.
  2. The caller may be using a spoofed caller ID or a number that is very similar to an actual Bitcoin ATM company's phone number.
  3. The caller claims that they have a solution to have the transaction where you were defrauded reversed.
  4. The caller explains that the only way to get your transaction reversed or refunded is by returning to a Bitcoin ATM and transfering an amount of coins to a QR Bitcoin address as a "fee" to get it processed or "proof" that you are the rightful owner.
  5. The caller will do anything to keep you on the phone and pressure you to make the transaction.

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