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Pre-sell your cryptocurrency online.
Redeem at an ATM.

Save time or lock in your rate by initiating your order to sell Bitcoin or cryptocurrency before you get to the machine.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Visit and bookmark our online presale page:

Pre-sell Online

2. Select a 2-way machine to redeem at

You must choose the Instacoin location where you will complete your sale and withdraw your cash. Your redemption code will only be valid at that machine.

3. Get a security code

Provide your mobile phone number and we will send you a text message with a security code. You should receive a text immediately after entering your phone number. Enter the provided code in the prescribed field.

4. Choose the amount of coins you will sell

Enter and submit a value in $20 increments of the coins that you would like to sell ($100 minimum).

5. Send coins

An amount of cryptocurrency and an address (QR code) to send it to will appear on screen. You have a few ways to get that information into your your wallet app and transfer the coins:

  • Scan the QR code on the Scan tab with your wallet app.
  • Click or touch the Open in wallet button URI.
  • Copy the address and amount by clicking or touching the information on the Copy tab.
If you are selling Bitcoin
Recommended transaction (miner's) fee = satoshis/byte (0 bitcoins/kilobyte)

We strongly advise against using no/low priority fees when sending your bitcoin as doing so can delay the confirmation of your transaction (and the dispensing of your cash) by several hours or even days when the Bitcoin network is experiencing a back-log of unconfirmed transactions or high transaction volume.

At a minimum, set your transaction priority fee to "Normal", but we recommend "High priority".

6. Wait for confirmation

We're waiting for your deposit to confirm on the blockchain. You will soon receive a text message notifying you your transaction has confirmed.

7. Redeem

When you receive your text message notification, go to your chosen Instacoin location. At the machine, press the Redeem button. You will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number to receive a new security code. Once you receive that code, enter it at the machine and your cash will be dispensed.

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