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Why should you become an Instacoin member?

Automatically receive pricing discounts by earning Instapoints whenever you buy or sell crypto and view past orders online by registering as an Instacoin member.

Bitcoin ATM

Instapoints Program

Becoming an Instacoin member automatically enrolls you into the Instapoints program.

With Instapoints, there's no need to redeem, just earn on any transaction and save:

  • Earn Instapoints whenever you buy or sell crypto at an Instacoin ATM
  • Members will automatically receive discounts when purchasing and selling crypto at an Instacoin ATM based on the Instapoints they've accumulated.

View points conversion rates and the discount schedule

Online access

Register today and get access to our online Member Center with features that include:

  • Reviewing your order history.
  • Real-time status of your current orders.
  • Viewing your Instapoints balance and discount level.
  • Managing your membership settings.

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