Due to a significant increase in transactions on the Bitcoin network, you may experience higher than normal wait times, confirmation times and transaction fees for your orders.

What denominations do you accept?

We accept Canadian Dollar bank notes in all five denominations: $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.

Do I have to buy 1 Bitcoin (BTC) or unit of a cryptocurrency?

No. You receive the amount of cryptocurrency that is equal to the value of the Canadian dollars that you insert into the machine based on the price at the time of the transaction. Visit our Price & Fees page for minimum and maximum transaction sizes.

Do you charge a fee?

Our Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices are some of the more competitive ones on the market. We establish the price using several factors including market rates available to us. In addition to our price, we charge a fixed fee. Visit our Price & Fees page for more information.

Do you accept currencies other than Canadian Dollar?

We only accept Canadian Dollar at this time.

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